Those in need of making a modern comeback and those we hope never return

Graciously Written personally by Becky-Ann

Bring it Back! 

 Lady-like delicate and natural looking hair 

I don't know about how others feel but personally I think the fashion era of rough cut, rocker hair is over, bring back the natural delicate waves. There is nothing sexier then femininity, yet I wonder why it ceases to exist in todays hairstyles.  Think glossy curls and waves that are free-flowingand natural looking.

Sexy Pin-Up Style Curves

Bring back the hour-glass figure I say, most women naturally have a curvy hourglass figure, afterall this enables us to bear children. I know myself and alot of  other women who would love to see the era of stick insect models be replaced by natural curves and classic beauty. Think Miss Monroe, Catherine Zeta Jones and Scarlette Jo-Hanson.



The ideaology that less "skin" really is more

How many women do you see and I have to admit, I myself have been proven guilty of this several times, seem to think that in order to look sexy they need to bear all. Bring back the old idea that showing less skin is more. Fashion has slowly drifted towards the idea that a dress needs to show alot of flesh in order to be sexy. I am all for the whole "If you've got it flaunt it" ideaology and think emphasing one's assets is a great way to dress successfully. However I believe you can do it tastefully. For example got great legs, don't think a mini is the only way to show them off, skinny legged jeans or tights also do the trick and come without the worries of trying to sit modestly. Okay so the point I am trying to make is to dress sexy not trashy and sexy doesn't neccessarly mean bearing all, a woman can look just as gorgeous in a floor length gown as she does in a mini dress.



 Hope you enjoy this new section of the Becky-Ann Vintage Website. More trends to be added soon, including "I am glad that's gone: Vintage trends we hope never return". Feel free to message me your ideas or any trends I have missed out. I am more than happy to add them.

Becky-Ann xoxox

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