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* 1970's Egyptian-Styled Jewellery* 

I just love 1970's Egyptian-Style jewellery at the moment. Think Chunky Gold bangles and necklaces, bold organic shapes and snake patterns. Often hard to come by Egytian-Styled jewellery is my latest must-have. Click here  or here to view some wonderful pieces avialble for you to purchase, but be quick they are selling fast.



* Victorian Styled Clutch Bags* 

These are the most sweetest little clutch bags around, handmade and highly functional. Wear them casually, for a night out or even to a formal occassion. These come in three sizes. The small size is perfect for coins, cards and lipgloss while the larger sizes can hold basically hold your whole make up bag without being big and bulky. Small bags start at around $12.00 and large around $25.00 . The craftmanship that has gone into these stunning little clutches is exceptional and they are sure to last a lifetime. I just love the pretty little cameo details and silk bows. To purchase one of these pretty little bags click here.



*The Vintage Tooled leather Handbag*

Want to add some Boho cool to your next outfit? Why not add a cute, unique tooled leather handbag? These bags are gorgeous, immensly detailed and chances are you will not find two alike. I just love the great craftmanship and skill that goes into making one of these babies. Upkeep can be a bit of a hassle with occassional oiling needed and sometimes a bit of restoration, but personally I think the 1970's charm these bags add makes the upkeep worthwhile. Prices generally start around $30.00 for a small bag upwards of $100.00 for a large or saddle styled bag.


Vintage Boho 70's Flower Motif Tooled Leather BAG 





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*The Vintage Saddle-styled Bag*

In my opinion these are the greatest bags every invented. So versatile, they hold alot without being big and bulky and best of all they are easy to access. These bags match almost any style from vintage queen, to glam rocker or girly Bohohemian. Prices generally start around $20.00 depending on the material, leather often costs more than the vinyl variaties. If your lucky like myself you can pick one up at Op-shop or vintage store for a couple of bucks, I got mine for a mere $2.00 and all it needed was a bit of a clean and a coat of polish.


*The Vintage Scarf* 

Every girl needs atleast one vintage scarf. Scarves are brillant as they are so versatile. You can wear them traditionally around your neck, tie them to your handbag, wear them in your hair as a bandana or head band and even mount them on plywood for a stunning wall feature. Vintage scarves are generally made of silk and handrolled. If your lucky you may find a gorgeous hand painted scarf. Vintage scarves come in an array of colours and designs, but personally I don't think you can go past a stunning Hermes scarf which I think are more like a piece or art than an accessory. Prices vary heaps with vintage scarves, for a non-designer vintage scarf you can expect to pay around $20.00 and designer scarves start upwards of $70.00.   Click here to view my favourite distributor of vintage scarves, who ships free internationally!



*EcoSilk Bags*

Okay so there not really vintage or a fashion must-have but these highly compact little bags make the old green bags look daggy. Ecosilk bags are the new Green bag, they come in a variety of stunning colours and fold up small enought to fit into even the smallest bag. Perhaps best of all they weight next to nothing. I keep mine in my bag no matter where I go and honestly don't even know its in there. Made from silk and said the last in excess of 5 years you can't go wring with one of these babies.  Cost is a low $7.99-$8.99 and you recieve $1.00 cash back when you return it. Click here to learn more or to make a purchase. 


 *The Vintage cameo*

A vintage must-have. With stunning detail and design the vintage cameo just screams old school class and luxury. The traditional cameo was made from hand crafted shell and set in gold. Available in an array of colours and designs all unique and nethertheless beautiful. I have actually come across a 1960's Whiting Davis glass etched cameo which is stunning. Be careful when purchasing any vintage cameo jewellery as in the past few years cheap knock-offs have been flooding into the fashion market.





*Gladstone Doctors Bag* 

Travel in style with a  vintage Gladstone doctor's Bag. Originally used as a travel bag for men the Gladstone bag has made a big comeback as a vintage queen's new must have piece of luxury luggage. Originally designed in the 1800's in England, the Gladstone bag became popular agmonst railway workers and doctors in the 1970's. A stunning unique piece of fashion history that is a must-have piece to add to your vintage collection.

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