Meg was after an outift that was versatile, one she could dress up or down to suit various occassions. She was after something in earthy tones as she dislikes bold bright colours. She was after clothing that would suit her Bo-Ho style but was suitable for a young mother.  I choose a gorgeous ruffled summer dress for her and matched it up with a chunky 1970's inspired Bo-Ho belt and matching bronze bangle. The belt shows off Meg's trim waist and adds a touch of uniqueness to the outfit.The dress can also be worn without the belt and with leggings for a more casual look, as shown in the pictures.


What Meg had to say.. 

"I am an avid vintage shopper and love nothing more than stumbling across a wonderful article of clothing or rare piece of jewelry. I actually prefer wearing vintage items as I think they are a fantastic way of expressing yourself with beautiful pieces, rather than buying something 'off the rack' in a conventional store that countless other women also own. Vintage is a way for me to be individual and stand out.

Now,all of you other vintage addicts will be able to appreciate just how time consuming it can be. That when your shopping for pre loved items, you need time to go through every item, piece by piece just so you don't miss the perfect thing by being hasty. Those of you with children (I have 3 pre schoolers) will also sympathize that trying to do any type of shopping,  particularly clothes shopping with young kids in tow is not only a juggling act, but  can be a very stressful and tiring experience and not one we subject ourselves to willingly too often. So my days of meandering through the racks and going from store to store are few and far between as I just don't have the time to dedicate to my searching as I once did.
I stumbled across Becky-Ann's Vintage Clothing and while having a look, the Personal Shopping Service quickly caught my eye. I thought - If I didn't have the time to go in search, why not enlist the services of somebody who has the skills and expertise to do it for me?
My experience was wonderful. We had open, friendly communication from the start. Becky-Ann then sent me a brief, yet thorough set of questions to answer in regards to my size, shape, likes and so on. Not long after, I had an e-mail saying that she had found something for me. Just like that!
I received a gorgeous package that had been hand wrapped with a note from the lovely Becky-Ann. A very considerate and personal touch I thought. Inside was my outfit complete with accessories.
The outfit that had been selected just for me, is one that I wear quite often now. It is a versatile piece that can be accessorised to suit most occasions. It is of high quality and I haven't found any faults or imperfections in the seams.
I think it adds a little Ritz to wearing this item knowing that it was found by a personal shopper, especially for me.
Becky-Ann obviously has very good taste and a real eye for detail and is not only able to find a suitable outfit, but will accessorize it beautifully. I highly recommend the services of Becky-Ann's Personal Shopper Services to anyone who could use a little more time, but doesn't want to miss the beauty that is in vintage clothing."



Want to experience your own Personal Shopper Experience or purchase one for a friend?  Purchases can be made directly via PayPal from the website. Please see the Payment Tab for other accepted payment methods.

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