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For March 2009 add a brooch




What better way to to add a touch of sparkle and uniquess to a seemingly plain outfit than to add an adorable Vintage brooch. Vintage Brooches come in many designs and you are sure to find one in a unique style or design that will match an outfit.

Types of brooches:

Brooches come in many styles and designs and have many forms of attachment. You have the Hat/scarf pin brooch which attaches via an open straight needle or pin. These types of brooches were popular in the 1950's. You also have the standard safety pin styled latched which are proberly a more safe alternative to the Hat pin brooch as the in completely seals inside the latch, protecting one's self from geting stuck. Thirdly and proberly the rarest is the magnetic brooch, which attaches via a magnet and and metal plate. These types of brooches were popular in the 1960's and come in very unique designs. The only downfall with the magentic Brooch is that the metal plate and magnet are very heavy and tend to pull the garment they are attached to down.

How and Wear to wear a Brooch:

Brooches can be attached to any garment and have the ability to spice up any outfit. Typically worn just above the heart, brooches can also be worn basically anywhere, on a pocket or even be attached to a handbag, purse or clutch. The possibilities are endless. For the month of March some of my personal brooch collection has been added to Becky-Ann's Vintage Boutque for purchase. Vintage inspired brooches start out for as little as $2.00AU each and include Free Postage in Australia.

Click here to view the range of Vintage and Vintage Inspired Brooches available at Becky-Ann's Vintage Boutique for the month of March 2009.



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