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This month's Newsletter is dedicated to Autumn/Winter Fashion trends. Summer is over and the weather is cooling and it is time for any woman to start evaluating her Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Fashion trends from Europe seem to dominate the fashion scene in most countries, and Australia is no exception. Because of this, this issue is dedicated to finding ways of mixing unique vintage pieces with the current European trends.  Firstly what are the current European Autumn/Winter Fashion trends? The fashion must-have's for this season have significantly changed from those of last year. Say hello to bright coloured accessories mixed with Earthy tones and Neutrals. The colour purple is said to make a big comeback along with other brights such as mustard yellow and royal blue.  The 1940's inspired heel boots are also making a massive comeback and the catwalk has been dominated with these shoes from such designers as Prada, Jimmy Choo and Chloe. Typically seen in black these shoes are an Autumn/Winter Must-Have. Why not mix two trends together and opt for a brightly coloured pair, such as these yellow heel boots?


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With as much style as controversy it has caused fur is said to become big this Autumn/Winter Season. Think fur trimmed coats and hats. Fur was a big thing on the European Catwalks this year and was seen in almost every Winter Collection. A fur trimmed coat is a Must-Have for this Autumn/Winter Season. However opt for a fake or simulated variety and save not only yourself from the possible humiliation of being covered in red paint but the animals as well.  Some other said to be hot Autumn/Winter Fashion Must-Have's include: The trench coat in both full length and shortened varieties, Cut out Shoes and Boots, Skinny jeans which seem to be sticking around, the purple handbag and Animal Print.



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Mixing Vintage with trend pieces can sometimes hard, especially when they vary so much like this seasons must-haves. So where do you start? I always start with what I call the canvas pieces, which are the main items you are wearing such as the coat and jeans or the dress and jacket etc. I tend to keep these "Canvas Pieces" simple and of solid colour and match them up with bright bold accessories. If you are after a wardrobe that you can wear again and again not matter what the season styles are, stick to purchasing Trend pieces as accessories, this way you can them match up with your wardrobe staples or neutral seasonal pieces. Accessories are cheaper to purchase then garments and in these tough economical times, a girl needs to shop smart and what better way to do this then with the use of accessories.


So what Vintage pieces can I mix with the current Autumn/Winter Trends?


The Trench Coat 

Start buy purchasing your trench in a neutral colour such as black, grey, brown or cream. White Trench coats just scream style, however only purchase one if you are willing to maintain it properly as they take a lot of tender loving care. Plaid patterned Trenches are big this season however you are limited to what you can wear them with and chances are they will be out of fashion next year and you would have spend up big on an item only going to last you 3 months or less.  This is why I suggest, if you are after a wardrobe staple that's versatile, opt for a neutral tone as you can mix it up with not only this seasons trends but next seasons by incorporating new season accessories. The best way to add some vintage charm to your trench is to add a unique vintage scarf. Scarves looks fabulous with trench coats and are not only fashionable but practical in the cold weather as they keep your neck  warm and looking fashionable.  For some great, unique vintage scarves why not visit out Sister Site, The Vintage Scarf, who have a great collection of vintage scarves and accessories which are sure to spice up any wardrobe. Plus they ship FREE to Australia!  Click here to Visit The Vintage Scarf.


+  Athentic Sport Wear Forenza Black White Red Plaid Scarf 



Trend: Fur

Add a bit of vintage sass to this seasons Must-Have, Fur, by wearing a vintage fur coat, scarf or beret. Vintage berets are well sort after and available from many vintage stores and online auction sites such as eBay. Why not incorporate two trends in one by wearing an animal print beret? These berets look great with black skinny jeans and a vest and gives your outfit a sort of Rock-Glam cool, think Sienna Miller or Kate Moss.




Trend: Purple


To combine purple and Vintage fashion needn't mean you end up looking like Prince! Purple vintage pieces are hard to come by as the colour was never really that popular, instead mix modern purple pieces with vintage classics. A vintage black dress looks great with purple accessories, such as purple handbags, beads, pumps and even nail polish. If your lucky enough to come across purple vintage items such as bags and belts wear them with skinny jeans and jackets or anything black or grey as these colours look great together.







Trend: Heel Boot


Heels boots are definitely the Must-Have shoe for this season. Mix them up with skinny jeans and a vintage vest or wear them corporately with a skirt suit and vintage earrings and scarf. Heel boots look great in any colour, typically found in black these boots are also available in season brights such as yellow and blue. Why not add a bit of vintage charm to your heel boots by adding a unique vintage brooch the toe area? Or wearing them with some jeans and a 1980's Rock Tee, for an edgy look.




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The secret to pulling off Vintage and Trend Mixes is to be creative and have fun with you wear. Mix your favourite vintage pieces with trend pieces, and wear them with confidence. Confidence is the easiest and best way to pull of a unique look. Vintage fashion is all about uniqueness and the best way to make a mass produced trend piece look fresh and individual is to add some vintage accessories and garments. To expand your vintage collection why not visit Becky-Ann's Vintage Boutique or some of our affiliate links, and if you are after a particular item please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to find it for you.




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This month's Hot item:


For March 2009 add a brooch/pin




What better way to to add a touch of sparkle and uniqueness to a seemingly plain outfit than to add an adorable Vintage brooch. Vintage Brooches come in many designs and you are sure to find one in a unique style or design that will match any outfit.


Types of brooches:

Brooches come in many styles and designs and have many forms of attachment. You have the Hat/scarf pin brooch which attaches via an open straight needle or pin. These types of brooches were popular in the 1950's and are still available for purchase today. You also have the standard safety pin styled latched brooch, which are properly a more safe alternative to the Hat pin brooch as the pin completely seals inside the latch, protecting one's self from getting stuck. Thirdly and properly the rarest is the magnetic brooch, which attaches via a magnet and metal plate. These types of brooches were popular in the 1960's and come in very unique designs. The only downfall with the magnetic Brooch is that the metal plate and magnet are very heavy and tend to pull the garment they are attached to down.


How and Where to wear a Brooch:


Brooches can be attached to any garment and have the ability to spice up any outfit. Typically worn just above the heart, brooches can also be worn basically anywhere, on a pocket or even be attached to a handbag, purse or clutch. You can even add them to shoes or use them as a decoration for photo albums or artwork. The possibilities are endless. Brooches are a must-have accessory for any fashion savvy woman and this is why they have been chosen as Becky-Ann Vintage March Must-Have.


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