A key tip to creating an interesting, unique and individual outfit it to add DIY pieces to your outfit. Every so often I will be adding  step by step guides to creating various DIY pieces. If you are interested in creating a particular piece don't hesitate to ask, I will add requests every so often, and if your DIY request appears on this page you will recieve a FREE Gold Member subscription to the Becky-Ann Vintage Members club.  


DIY Scrunchie 

Want to add some 1980's sass to your oufit? Why not do so with a cute and crazily simple handmade scrunchie? You can use fabric oddments in any colour of pattern.

How To:

  • Strecth your piece of elastic until it reaches about 12cm and cut
  • Measure and cut your material so it is just over 12cm in length and about 3 times the width of the elastic you are using
  • Stetch the elastic and pin the material over the elastic
  • Stitch the fabric all around the material, so it covers the entire length of the elasic
  • Stitch the ends together to create a loop and Presto a scrunchie!


What you will need :


Rectangle piece of fabric   

Thread which matches the fabric colour





DIY Braclet or necklace:

Easy DIY button braclet or necklace. Simple and versatile.

How to: 

For Braclet cut ribbion to 30cm, for a necklace 60cm. Thread buttons through 2 of each buttons holes. Tie the end of the ribbion so that the knot is at the end button's holes. Use a lighter to melt the ends of the ribbion to prevent fraying. Tie ribbion together in a bow to attach.                                                                                                                                     

 Alternatives: Use tubed elastic instead of ribbion so the braclet can be slipped on an off.  Combine beads and buttons together for a more detailed look

What you Will need 

Chunky buttons

 Ribbion 3mm thick



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