DECEMBER NEWSLETTER: (Abstract) Accessorizing and Simple Alterations:

Accessories play a key role in any fashion lovers wardrobe. Accessories are a great way to spice up a simple outfit, add a touch of individuality and even draw attention away from areas you wish to hide. Purchasing accessories can be hard and it is often hard to determine which accessories will suit what and how to wear them. The first thing to do is determine what types of clothing or particular outfit you are wishing to accessorize. If you are looking to accessorize a flat coloured outfit for example jeans and a basic coloured tee opt for bright bold accessories, such as chunky 1980's inspired beads, wooden bangles, bold headbands and hair bows etc. Patterned accessories work well with simple cut and plain coloured clothing. Make sure you steer away from adding bright bold accessories to printed, patterned or bright coloured clothing as they tend to clash and give a crazy 1980's vibe, but not in the good way. Patterned clothing is best suited to simple accessories in dainty designs or monochromatic colours.  

Accessories make great distractions as they can draw the eye away from those not so perfect areas. A long necklace or stand of beads is a great way to draw attention away from the dreaded double chin and a scarf is a great way to elegantly draw attention away from oversized breasts without having to completely conceal them.  A skinny belt or sash worn on the waist is a simple and easy way to create the illusion or a toned hour-glass figure and draw attention away from the stomach region. A shawl is a great way to conceal untoned upper arms but I warn you these are hard to pull off when worn with day wear, a cropped jacket is a better alternative......



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